7 Signs You Are Aging and Not Growing

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1. Everyday life exhausts you.

You find yourself resisting new ideas, philosophies and changes. You prefer your mind to stay in one frame of time, while your body outgrows it into different time frames; yet the aging process continues on.

The body growing older every day, as opposed to the mind (lack of brain food) results in a disconnection between the two. What a disputed state to live in!! Frustration and exhaustion become inevitable.

2. You are addicted to your routines.

You prefer the same old, proven trusted ways as opposed to new and unfamiliar ones. You find it difficult to adapt to different life situations which makes you inflexible.

3. You have a limited circle of friends.

You prefer the same set of friends preferably with the same school of thoughts and same hangout routines. There are the same limited number of things to talk about or may be even the same old stories.

Although old is gold, it’s true that new can prove to be better. It’s not just you feeling uncomfortable with a new set of people; those people might find you equally frustrating. Yikes.

4. Relationships and dealing with people strains you.

These people might be your family, relatives, coworkers and those with whom you interact on a daily basis. The main reason being the disconnection between your body and mind.

You not being able to relate to people and being inflexible in your approach leads to difference of opinions, arguments and unpleasant exchanges.

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5. You find it frustrating that people don’t follow your lead. 

Since life is still working for you somehow, you advise others and expect them to do the same naturally. Not only that you don’t make the best of example with your old fashioned ways, you start having a negative influence by trying to bring darkness instead of light to other people’s lives.

6. You have hard feelings towards others.

Learning about new things and expanding your knowledge every day brings about a lot of benefits in addition to acquiring more virtues.

The person you started with, might reach the top because let’s say he gradually learnt more about public speaking, mastered a couple new skills in addition to being a hard worker just like you and got way more successful.

You develop resentment towards them and start looking down on them to make you feel better about yourself.

7. You have a limited perspective.

You think you have learnt enough and know enough to navigate through life; this is a mere delusion. Roadblocks that need new perspectives, strategies and techniques becomes impossible to overcome.

Life changes everyday and the people change with it. What you knew or learnt back in the day isn’t going to help much in today’s world unless you know how today’s world works.

8. You are missing out on stuff.

When you resist personal and mental growth and resist good change, you suffer by missing out on stuff. You miss out on all that you could be, you miss out on the much needed conversations.

You miss out on taking your relationships to another level, you miss out on good times, you miss out on all the places you could have been, you miss out on a lot of joy and fulfillment and happiness that could otherwise have been possible.

You not being aware of what you are missing out on makes it all worse. What is even worst is that you will possibly miss out on some good advice presented in this article if you don’t read all the way through. Just kidding.

After all ignorance is not such a bliss when it makes you miss out on so much on life. Stay tuned for remedy tips for getting out of the dumps.

And hey, while you are at it, let us know if there was a time in your life when you fell victim to stagnancy in life and what you did to cope with it.


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