Let’s Go Get It!

Did you ever want something extremely badly? Perhaps it might be a luxury car, a place you wanted to visit since childhood, a role model you wanted to meet, a humanitarian you wanted to shake hands with, or a gemstone ring you always had your eyes on?!

Well, here are four steps to getting what you want!

1. Make silent prayers!
Yes, prayers reach the heavens and are heard by the Lord of the heavens! Sit down, put all your baggage on the floor and make a silent prayer. Talk to God. Let him know what you want and why you want it. Also, let God know what you are willing to do in order to get it. Ask for His help and assistance. I promise you, He is listening.

2. Visualize IT!
Humans are visual creatures. Our sense of sight is connected to our brains and what we look at can have a direct impact on our heart. When the heart wants something, the limbs follow the lead! Chances are the more you see it, the more you would want it. The more you would want it, the more you’ll work hard for it! Yes! Whatever it is that you want, draw it, scribble it, paste it on your bathroom mirror, on your bedside table or anywhere and everywhere! The fridge is a great place I say. 🙂

3. Carve your own path!
Well, you can’t just sit there now. You gotta work for it and make your own channels. Get up early in the morning. Cut down on extra sleep. Research. Ask around. Seek help from professionals. Find someone who has already done what you would like to do or achieve. Whatever it takes, make it happen.

If someone has the magic to make anything happen for you, it is you yourself!

4. Save up!
If it requires money then, make a savings box that is in front of you 24/7. Start saving. Whenever your inner shopoholic wakes up and makes you wanna go on a splurge, remind yourself of your goal. No, I do not need that fancy shirt from Zara because my closet is already full. I’ll still be able to breath if I don’t buy the latest Iphone.

These steps will help you achieve or at least get much closer to achieving what you want. All you have to do is take a running start. Do you have an interesting story of achieving/buying something you always wanted? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

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