The 5 Ultimate Treasures

Are you a treasure owner? If so, can you name some of your personal treasures? Do you love owning them? Do you love the idea of having them preserved forever?  I am sure you do. We all do.

Gold coins? Diamonds? Jewels? Other riches? What about the kind that cannot be exchanged for any amount of those riches EVER? Youth, Good Health, Free time and Life itself? Not only are those our valuable assets, they also make you and me the proud treasure owners. These 5 riches are what we look forward to invest in, together with you at

However, Youth, Health, Wealth, Free time and Life, no matter how precious, are never permanent. Gradual decline in physical vitality and mental capacities is inevitable with age. The amount of money we own is never a constant in equation of life. We don’t always have free time. We know that aging is inescapable. We inch closer to death every day. We know that nobody gets to live forever.However, knowing all of it beyond a shadow of doubt doesn’t keep us from getting deluded. Then, we are shocked back to reality one day by one of the catastrophes .The grey hair, one of those health pitfalls, or something else.

Let’s not wait for that terrible day when all we have is regrets. 

The point being:  Let’s not wait to lose what we could have saved or for it to get too late. Let’s not wait for that terrible day when all we have is regrets. Let’s not make it “what it could have been”. Let’s not allow the “only ifs” and “what ifs” to become the defining factor of our lives. Let’s not snooze in the delusions of “it can’t be me” anymore.

 “Take benefit of five before five:

Your youth before your old age,

Your health before your sickness,

Your wealth before your poverty,

Your free-time before your preoccupation,

and Your life before your death.”

(Prophet Muhammad)

Make the best out of what you have got, because nobody can do that for you. Be good to your body, your soul, your mind and your emotional health. Don’t put your assets on risk for something temporary and certainly do not put them down the drain. Don’t give in to laziness, procrastination or carelessness and don’t just play foolish. Do everything you can to make sure it is not regret that greets you down the line.

Hang on, are you thinking it is already too late?  In that case, even if you are on your death bed and barely breathing, are you still not better than dead? The dead, who would give anything to come back, even if it is for a few moments? Remember, even when it might not seem so, there is ALWAYS something you can do.

So starting from right now, what can we really do?

  1. Express gratitude:

Expressing gratitude consciously registers the importance of our blessings in our minds. It directs our thoughts to a positive track. It increases the amount of our blessings. Make sure to take out at least 3 minutes each day and ponder over all your favors and blessings. Be grateful for being alive, all the resources at your disposal and the little miracles that happen to you each day. I am sure you will find the 3 minutes insufficient for this activity, I do too.

  1. Educate ourselves:

The more we know about our body and soul, the better we can nourish and nurture them. The more we learn about money the better use we can put it to. Fortunately we don’t have to cross seas to do that anymore, it’s all but a few clicks away. Learn all you can and make sure to make the most out of it.

  1. Preserve what we already have:

Guard all your treasures like you guard your gold and diamonds. Take the preventive measures as required. Take care of your treasures and do not take them for granted. Do not engage in things that will reduce their worth, or that don’t serve you positively in some way. Avoid indulging in bad habits that you know are stealing away your health, your money, or your precious time. Remember the clock continues to tick for all of us.

  1. Add to the value:

Work on adding more value and richness to what you already own. Nourish your body with the best, exercise, walk and rest all in balance. Contribute to society, give out charity, invest, save and do beneficial things in free time. Chase your dreams, set goals and achieve them. That will also give you contentment and happiness.

Make sure to make your mark and do your part. Make sure you have done your best before you are put forever to rest. What would you wish you had in stock for the times when cashing out what you had invested in was the only choice?  Wouldn’t you wish you had done better? You can choose to be wasteful today and pay for it tomorrow or invest in today and enjoy tomorrow. The choice is all yours.

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