8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Spirit Young

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We tend to focus on keeping our skin, face and body as young and fresh as possible. However, we forget to focus on the heart and soul (literally) of ourselves that need to be kept young as well. Nobody likes a fresh-faced beautiful young person with an old granny soul. It’s natural to grow old physically, but spiritually we choose to grow old. So, lets look at some simple ways to keep our spirit young as well in addition to our body.

1. Mind your mood

Always appear lively and friendly to other people: young and old alike. Your energy enters a room before you do. Make sure people can’t read your busy schedule and tiredness on your face. Even if you have to fake it, do it until you make it. Force yourself to feel positive and energetic until your brain can do it naturally.

2. Forget to act your age

Sometimes, it’s OK to forget how old you are and act all silly and absolutely childish. It’s good fun for yourself and people around you. You can make other people feel young along with yourself. Who knows, they might even join you.

3. Try new trends

Go for those gadgets, colorful hair shades and butterfly sunglasses. Try the new trends without considering your age. Maybe you can rock them better than the teens. Live for yourself. Give yourself a taste of the new world. YOLO, right?

4. Give yourself breaks

Go for camping, hiking, swimming or whatever you like once in a while. Stop complaining about how you don’t have time and how your work exhausts you. Yeah well, that’s just more reason why you should be giving yourself breaks. Go to an amusement park; ride a ferris wheel; eat cotton candy; dance in public; pull pranks on people. Treat yourself with junk food every once in a while just to keep it fresh.

5. Stay stress-free

It’s easier said than done, but we can always try, right? You know what speeds up the ageing process? That’s right! STRESS!!! It’s the first thing that becomes visible on your face; all the wrinkles and veins and lines and the panda eyes. Smile more and stay optimistic. Meditation, good sleep and therapy helps with stress and so do many other things. Take the necessary measures. Avoid gossip, trash talk and the news. Nothing but depression on there.

6. Experience the high

No, not talking about drugs. Experience intense emotions. Take a roller coaster ride for that rush of adrenaline or go bungee-jumping. Fall in love once and maybe again; it’s totally cool. Let your emotions run wild. It will make you feel alive and young.

7. Live with no regrets

Don’t wait for occasions or better opportunities; just do it. A 3-in-1 food processor you always wanted to buy? Get it. Wanted to try live seafood? Go for it. Wanted to learn a new language? Do it. Don’t keep things for future if they can be done now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

8. Stay healthy

If you take good care of your health, your body won’t wear out. So will your spirit. You are what you eat. Drink green tea and lots of water. Eat greens and veggies. Eat the good fats. Work out and keep your body fit. Your brain will follow suit. You can read more about some commonly neglected health habits that affect you physically by clicking here . You should remember that it’s easy for your body to take a toll on your brain.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can embody youth both in spirit and physicality.

Please share some more tips about what you do to feel young and keep your spirit on fire. Feel free to leave comments below.



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