15 Reasons Why You Must Travel – Part 2

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Continuing from 15 Reasons Why you Must Travel – part 1

#9. The element of escape – Being a voracious reader and having enjoyed the element of escape into the author’s imaginations; I believe traveling gives the same thrill. By no means am I claiming that you run away from your problems; rather you find what works for you. Some people might say you are escaping from life. Well, you are absolutely right. We travel to escape the life that is considered the norm by our society’s idea. I am escaping to a better world; a world where possibilities and opportunities are endless if you choose to see it.

#10. Digital detox – Yes, technology is great and all but we need a break from it as well. I believe traveling gives you the incentive to go on a digital detox. It empowers you to see and value life not from the digital lens but from your mind’s eye.

How many times have we lost the moment just because we were too busy capturing it?

#11. Appreciate what you have – Taking things for granted has become an everyday part of our lives. Your appreciation of life gets a whole new meaning with travel. Seeing the world and the plight of people, you begin to appreciate what you have. It’s an opportunity to be thankful to God as well.

#12. Learning about your own self – No matter how much you prepare for your trip, unexpected situations can happen and things can take a surprising turn. What’s interesting is that being in such a situations helps you learn about your own self and how you react to it. Nothing teaches us better than to have the experience firsthand.

#13. Adventure – Personally, it’s all about the adventure that traveling brings. And who doesn’t like a good adventure? As Sue Fitzmaurice said, “You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”

#14. The joy of returning home – This is my favorite thing about travelling; the bliss of returning home. Nothing compares to it. Even though it’s sad that your trip has ended, but returning home gives you a new sense of appreciation and everything feels more alive, vibrant and wonderful.

#15. Tales of adventure to narrate – Whether it be travelling for a few days or longer, I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about my experience. The feeling is exhilarating and no detail is too mundane to be left out. Only those who narrate a personal adventure can fully feel the charm of it.

Feel like adding a point or an idea to our list? Go ahead and let us know your reason to travel. Love to hear your thoughts.

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