Why you Should Improve your Physical Health

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Improve your health! You owe your body more than you owe anything else. Your body has enabled you to make it here. It has allowed you to do what you have done so far; to move, to feel, to breathe and to live. There is nothing in your power that you might do if one day your body fails you. So why do WE keep failing our body? Why do we pleasure it with things we know are eventually going to be fatal to it? Why do we exert unwanted pressure on our body? Doesn’t health come before everything else?

Health is indeed wealth and I have learned this the hard way. Sleeping late, surviving on junk food, late night sodas, negligible water consumption, a veggie and fruit-less diet, too much sweets, no exercise; you name it. Been there eaten that. Been there done that. It was only after I reached my early twenties that I started to feel conscious about my health. My skin, energy, and stamina were all obviously affected horribly by my despicable diet and bad eating habits.

I knew what I was doing was bad for me but then I realized something worse. I was just being pure selfish. I should have realized that my health is not only going to affect me but everyone I associate with later. By everyone, I basically mean the person I am going to marry and my would-be kids. Who would like to have a spouse or a parent who is constantly complaining about headaches or backaches, catches every disease there is and can’t spend a month without visiting a doctor? Exactly!

Obviously, I owe my health to myself first and foremost, but it doesn’t stop there. I would like to remind you of how your health can affect you short-term and long-term, but you already know that. It’s not just you though. Everyone else around you is dragged into the circle. Your parents get to see you in a terrible shape which hurts their poor hearts. Why shouldn’t it? They took such great care of you when you were a child. They always tried to give you the best food there was, and cherished your body like a treasure. Now, you are just wasting away all their hard work and that too in front of their eyes! What a great repayment!

Other than that, you take sick leaves worth an entire month from work. You look terrible and feel terrible. You depend on make-up to cover up the after-effects of eating spicy or salty foods that appear on your face. If you don’t improve your health, you struggle to do the daily mundane tasks and become easily tired due to lack of proper and regular exercise. We all know what we are doing is wrong, so why can’t we stop? What really stops us from stopping?

If we keep giving our body what it doesn’t ask for, one day it might do the same to us. It might end up giving us something that we didn’t ask for. I am sure nobody would want that. Don’t think I am criticizing or judging you (maybe I am) for being careless about your health (if you really are) because I am still in the same boat (might have an arm and a leg out but still). We all need to realize the repercussions and the wide-spread range of the poor health phenomena. It’s not as simple as it seems.

So, don’t do it people. Don’t undervalue and improve your health and fitness.

Success, fame, money and family wouldn’t mean anything if you are not healthy enough to enjoy any of it.

Make sure you take proper and good care of your health. I shall help you in my next article by giving advice on that subject.

Please feel free to share any experience that you’ve had regarding the subject of health. You can also add another reason why it’s absolutely essential to improve your health.

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