travelling with friends on a budget

5 Ways That Make Travelling With Friends Budget Friendly

When it’s winter time here on the east coast, all you crave is some uninterrupted golden sun and warmth. This year, winter is especially unforgiving and so a group of Continue reading

picture perfect tea theme party picture

The Picture-Perfect Party Problem

Planning a large scale picture perfect party is a hassle in itself. Congratulations on your reason to celebrate but now you can begin to worry about the whos, whats, wheres, Continue reading

aging woman picture

7 Signs You Are Aging and Not Growing

1. Everyday life exhausts you. You find yourself resisting new ideas, philosophies and changes. You prefer your mind to stay in one frame of time, while your body outgrows it Continue reading

why you must travel image

15 Reasons Why You Must Travel – Part 2

Continuing from 15 Reasons Why you Must Travel – part 1 #9. The element of escape – Being a voracious reader and having enjoyed the element of escape into the Continue reading