It is Just a Different Combo of 26 Letters, Yet!

Wanna travel the world while seated in one place? Wanna learn languages and explore cultures without even leaving your house? Wanna look inside people’s minds by hacking their brains? NO! I am not even the least bit concerned with the NET if that’s where your thoughts are headed. NO SIR! What was there before the net, technology even electricity? Clues? Ummm.. ink? letters? hieroglyphs? parchment? paper? I am not trying to patronize you really. I know you must have guessed it.

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! and then some!

No one can stress enough on the importance and benefits of reading books. Man, am I glad to have them in my life. They are the best friends you thought you never had. They provide silent comfort, quiet companionship and the warmest of love. They help you grow in any dimension you choose.They don’t make you question their loyalty and friendship. Moreover, they are the best medium of knowledge available to mankind. I mean seriously, who can do all these things for you nowadays without asking for some kind of repayment?

• Discover pleasure in great books.
It’s an indescribable pleasure which you get from reading books. Probably, it’s the notion of having that time to yourself where you are disconnected with the world around you. It’s just you, the book and your emotions. (probably a cup of tea or coffee alongside). Reading is a highly personal experience where you can feel yourself transported to another dimension free of the daily life’s hassle and clutter.

When you read a story that has been amazingly written with a perfect plot, relatable characters, well-described setting, impactful lines and a lesson worth learning, you wish you can go back and savor the experience again and again.

Sometimes you become the character, sometimes you become the story.

• Karate-chop your stress levels.
They are a great way of reducing stress. A well-written book is a spa in itself, but instead of your body it massages your brain. Lose yourself in a good story and watch your troubles and stress just melt away. They will be back once you finish though, but it’s worth it I promise. No need to pay a fortune for your next therapy session. Pick up a book to read and it will be the best therapist you ever had. For free too! (price of the book not included)

• Dominate the world with new vocabulary.
What’s that word? How do you use that word? Does this mean the same thing? We all struggle sometimes when using simple vocabulary in our daily lives. Well I know that dress is pretty, but it could also be appealing, attractive, fetching or chic. Books give you access to countless synonyms, antonyms, scientific terms and other vocabulary. The best part is that you sometimes don’t even have to look it up in the dictionary. You can get the meaning of words through the context they are used in.

These new additions to your vocabulary eventually sneak into your daily conversation. You find yourself using words that you thought were only made for the dictionary. Your ability of expressing yourself and communicating effectively with people will increase tenfold. In turn, so will your self-confidence and self-esteem. You can manipulate, seduce, persuade and convince people like nobody’s business. Never underestimate the power of an articulate and well-spoken person. (Hitler, anyone?)

• Become an insufferable know-it-all.
Let’s not forget the biggest benefit of all. KNOWLEDGE! It sounds super cliché to say knowledge is power but dude is it spot on. I have found through personal experience that clichés are usually extremely accurate and undeniable. Cultures, languages, cooking, psychology, business, body language, fashion, religion…..the list is unending. There isn’t a book which wouldn’t give you the information you need. Who doesn’t like to be an insufferable know-it-all? (Harry Potter reference). You can show off too. Be the most knowledgeable, up-to-date person at the table. Sounds hella cool. Well, at least to me.

• Become an apprentice of Sherlock Holmes.
Have you ever, while reading a mystery, figured out the ending? Yes, well that’s because reading has taught you some analytical and critical skills. Whenever you read a book, you are inside the author’s mind, looking at the world from his perspective. Since each perspective is unique, the more books you read the more you learn how to adopt different perspectives. Your mind broadens, and you learn to think outside the box.

Reading helps you recognize and accept different views and beliefs sometimes even discarding your own for better ones.

This in turn enhances your skills of deduction, concluding, inducing, implementation etc. These skills can also be applied to real life and used to prepare for unseen and unpredictable challenges we might have to face later on. OK, before this turns into a research article, allow me to conclude here and leave you with this analysis.

The only reason I am a successful English teacher today is because of my long-standing interest in reading. (that says a LOT in favor of reading)

Dear people who do not like to read,

A few moments of silence for you.…………………………………………………….

No but really, you have no idea what you are missing out on. ‘sob sob’

Please do tell us how you think reading helps us and how it has helped you. Non-readers can also leave comments and try to convince me otherwise. Hehe

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