7 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Parents

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If you are a parent yourself of teenagers or toddlers, you can understand how them showing affection towards you can be the most magical thing ever. If you are still living with your parents, then this might be a little hard to comprehend. Don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. So, how do you show love to your parents?

Since we are not a parent yet, we can not understand the love, worries, stress, expectations and longings that a parent can feel. We take the whole issue lightly and get tired of all the fussing and the long parenty talks.

However, at the end of the day, our parents are the ones who have given us the strength to be who we are.

Imagine you are walking a tightrope of your life. The balance tool in your hands are the hopes, dreams, support, prayers and love of your parents that helps you walk. If it gets dis-balanced, there is a huge pit of despair waiting for you underneath. I hope the example isn’t too dark or anything but you get the picture.

They have undoubtedly done a great deal for us of which we can’t repay even a quarter. They always choose our happiness over theirs and make countless sacrifices. It’s about time we start doing the same. Not in a hey-mom-I-bought-a-car-for-you kinda way, just like hey-mom-I-made-my-bed kinda way. You have no idea how even a smile from you can brighten up their day.

Let’s quickly look into some of those ways to show our parents some luuuuuuuuuv:

1. Give them time

There is nothing more valuable than your time that you can offer. Not to mention the most difficult. Give them time, hear them out, listen to the stories of their youth, make them rant to you, listen to what bothers them, listen to their complaints. All with a smile on your face and a nod to go along. They aren’t really looking for advice or asking your opinions, they just want someone to listen to them.

2. Include them

Whatever you do to have fun, include them in those activities (as long as it’s not kickboxing or drag racing). You know, like watch a movie with them or discuss a novel or a poem with them.

Take them shopping with you. Include them in your personal lives. Tell them about what’s going on with you at work or with your friends etc. I don’t mean backbiting and gossiping of course. Don’t make them feel left out. Share major news about your life with them first. They deserve it.

3. Give presents

You really don’t have to go out of your way to get things for them. Get them stuff that is practical and relevant. If your mom spends most of her time in the kitchen, get her an apron, a great set of knives, a cookbook etc. Get your dad sunglasses, a tool kit or a warm pair of socks.

Don’t wait for special occasions. Gifts which are random and not occasion-dependent are the best. Don’t get stuff that might prove dangerous for you later. (rolling pins, slippers, padlocks etc) If you do, make sure you’re on your best behavior afterwards. Haha

4. Mind your attitude

Don’t talk back, don’t raise your voice and don’t be rude EVER. If you are not allowed to do something or go somewhere, discuss! Discuss and not argue. Try to make them see reason. If they’re on about something, let them be. Don’t talk back. Don’t try to make them see why you’re not wrong.

Sometimes parents like to show who is in charge and that’s okay. Let them. The power dynamic between parents and kids is all messed up nowadays, so it’s okay for them to remind you who’s the boss occasionally and you better let them. Remember, what goes around does circle its way back around (it might just be a slipper).

5. Praise them

Comment on how good the food is or how handsome your dad looks in a completely tasteless shirt. Respecting people’s choices is something that takes a great deal of self-denial, but it’s worth it.

Tell your mom that your clothes smell heavenly after she’s washed them. Anything and everything counts. Doesn’t have to be anything specific. Don’t wait for reasons to praise anyone. You make the reasons.

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6. Show your love

PHYSICAL LOVE. Hug, kiss, snuggle, pat, squeeze and every other verb that shows love and affection. DO IT! Even if they don’t like it. (they secretly do but they don’t want you to get the satisfaction) Lay in their lap, let them feed you food or vice versa, smile, play with their hair and so on. Say ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’ ‘Thank you’ ‘I don’t know what I will do without you’ etc. Voice your emotions. Swallow your pride. Pride and love can not co exist.

7. Do your due

Do whatever is required of you around the house without being asked. This never fails to cheer them up. Just do it! I think Nike’s slogan was secretly designed by parents and it’s meant for all of us lazy ass kids.

Seriously, just do what you know you’re supposed to do. Save them and yourself some energy and time. Dishes, vacuuming, dusting whatever it is. They won’t be happy because you did the chores. They’re happy because you realize your responsibilities plus make their work load less.

There are many ways you can show affection towards your parents and I’m sure you might have other great ideas. Let’s show our parents much-deserved love and make sure we don’t regret all the wasted opportunities later on when it’s too late.

Now go and show love to your parents. Right now!

Please feel free to share any other ways you use to show love to your parents. Leave comments below.

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