7 Tips to Grow While You Age

grow while you age

If you feel like the passing years are just adding to your age without helping you expand and grow in new horizons (Check the 7 Deadly Signs), and you are clueless about what to think, then you my friend have come to the right place. When you grow in different dimensions, you are adding value to what you already have acquired through the years, and it opens you up to new possibilities and ideas. Though coming out of comfort zone and delusions ain’t always easy, but is worth it for sure.

There is no better remedy for ignorance than seeking knowledge. Learning in this age is as easy as it was never.

1. Open your self to growth.

The first step is the decision to grow, because otherwise you are deciding you know enough. Of course we all know enough to navigate through everyday life, but that is not enough when it comes to learning and should not even be. A know-it-all approach is just delusions, suffering and stagnancy (not to mention very annoying) because let’s face it; nobody likes a know-it-all.

2. Read to grow.

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’  – Dr. Suess

No, scrolling through Facebook updates doesn’t really count, unless what you have stumbled upon is some beneficial knowledge. Nothing replaces the old fashioned way of learning i-e the books. Paperbacks seem too much of a hassle? There are e-books, that you can carry around in your phone, tablets, or those which you can access on the computer. Pop them open while you are waiting for appointments, while having coffee or when you just need a break. You will be growing and relaxing at the same time, ain’t that wonderful? Read more about wonders of reading here.

3. Listen.

Reading is just not so easy for you? Well there are audio versions of the books, which you can listen to while driving, cooking, cleaning or doing anything that doesn’t require mental involvement. And then there are of course, all sorts of podcasts out there which will keep you updated and well informed and entertained at the same time.

4. Enroll to learn new set of skills.

Doesn’t take much to learn a new skill, but it can be a life changer and can help you magically in various life aspects. Whether online or offline, give it a go, there is nothing to lose. There are many courses available online in which you can enroll (sometimes for free) and grow into new horizons.

5. Attend Webinars / Seminars.

Webinars, seminars, conferences gives way to the development of new concepts, new theories, which is the essence of growth. In addition, it helps you socially interact with people of similar interests and expose you to experts in different fields.

6. Use Search Engines.

Don’t know where to begin? Well Googling wont be a bad start. Google ideas related to books, traveling, information, hobbies, skills etc and you will be surprised by the things that exist out there. Choose anything and dive into it.

7. Make it the purpose of life.

Once you have committed yourself to growth, you will be overwhelmed by the opportunities everyday life will present to you apart from the obvious ways of learning discussed above. These opportunities might look like mistakes you have made, your experiences, successes, other people’s experiences, your social interactions, the places you’ve been to name a few . Never be afraid to try new things and diving into unfamiliarity and expanding out of comfort zones.

Beloved reader, the world we live in is beautiful and vast, there is so much to see, so much to experience, and so much to learn (without having to go to the moon).

If we make our brains impermeable, nothing will be able to affect us or touch our hearts and souls.

Your brain was made to grow and your thoughts were made to flow. They are not meant to be contained and neither are you. Your world and life are as restricted as you make them. Click To Tweet It is never too late to ditch the barriers that you have erected for yourself and dive into the deep sea of new possibilities and grow as well as age.

Please share your valuable thoughts, and feel free to add to the list if you have more ideas.


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