8 Simple and Cost-effective Shopping Tips

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We have all gone into the shop for slippers and hair ties and come out with a pair of sunglasses, two lipsticks, a deodorant and a couple of shirts. Yup. It’s nice to indulge in spoiling yourself and taking advantage of a good sale. However, there is a fine line between being an occasional spendthrift and an outright shopaholic.

Think of all that money which you could have saved and maybe gone on a vacation, bought the latest Mac book or invested in buying a car. YES! It’s THAT much we spend unconsciously throughout the year on the random stuff that is usually tucked away in the corner of our closets afterwards. If we do the math, I’m sure our jaws will hit the floor.

I used to be a spendthrift and was constantly told so, but I payed no mind. Maybe, it was the teen age acting up. Dunno. Now, as I have drifted in my mid twenties, I have become more responsible regarding my money and have learned the art of self-control. I will share with you some shopping tips I consider before I make a purchase.

Simple and Cost-effective Shopping Tips

Is it worth it?

Consider the material, design and the price. Is it flimsy or will break or tear easily? Is it worth paying this price?

Do I really need it?

Always ask yourself that. Is it something you can do without? Maybe you have something similar in your closet that can do instead and you don’t really have to buy it.

Does my budget cover it?

Make sure your budget covers whatever you plan to buy. Sometimes, it’s okay to go over the budget by a margin in case you find a great deal. Make sure you don’t have to borrow and that you have enough money to cover your other expenses.

Will it go with most of my things?

When buying accessories, shoes etc, try to go for neutral or multi colors that will go with most of your outfits. That way, you won’t have to buy individual colors and cost yourself a fortune.

Can I get something similar for a lower price?

When buying clothes for daily usage, go for the quality so it doesn’t wear out quickly. When shopping seasonal looks, go for cheaper items. If you like the cuts, sleeves, frills or necklines of a branded item, try looking for the same design in a cheaper place. Otherwise, you will be left with a pile of expensive but outdated items once the trend dies (which is faster than you think).

Will I even use this?

Know thyself. We all love to stack different things. Shoes, bags, rings watches etc. As long as you know you are going to make enough use of it, then stack. Don’t buy things you know you are going to use once or twice. If you’re buying for special occasions or themed parties, then go for lower prices.

Can I get a good deal by bargaining?

When it comes to negotiating, DO NOT be shy. We are too shy to negotiate especially with an audience. It makes us feel self-aware on many different levels. Remember, you’re surrounded by strangers whom you will never see again. Don’t make the people who have nothing to do with your life make you lose out on money-saving opportunities. Negotiate until you both reach an agreement, and do yourself a huge favor.

Can I wait for the sale?

Wait for the sale at your favorite shops if you do not need anything immediately.


Okay, so you read my list, now its your turn. Let me know your shopping tips in the comments below.  






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