5 Insights into Vacation and Mental Health

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Going away on a vacation is great for the heart and soul. We actually wrote about how great it is in these articles. I wanted to delve into five of the benefits and insights of being on vacation from the point of view of mental health.

Discover yourself along with the world.

A new setting will shine new light and show new angles of your personality.

  • One of the major benefits of traveling is said to be enhanced perspective. You see new people, get exposed to different cultures, allowing you to be a more open-minded individual. But you also learn more about yourself. A new setting will shine new light and show new angles of your personality. Countless personality tests and life experiences have taught me that I am an introvert and prefer the company of a few as opposed to many. But on a close-quarters trip, I realized I actually prefer the company of no one. Even if I’m with my best friends, I will get exhausted of their company very quickly. Discovering new insights about yourself will be helpful for future and give a more holistic picture of your personality.

You can not escape yourself.

  • Even at a tropical paradise 3,000 miles away from home, the inner demons still follow. New locations doesn’t not mean a completely new you. Your bad habits and insecurities will not disappear just because you’re in a different time zone. I was still overwhelmed by my fears and worries while on vacation. Certainly, it was dulled down but it was harsh realization that there is no ultimate escape. Personally, it was a wakeup call to address my demons lest they overpower me while traveling.

Time for some self-reflecting.

  • Having said all of that, the change of scenery is wonderful. There will be pockets of perfect moments where you feel peaceful and happy, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These moments are perfect for letting go and working on some self-reflection. Normally there is no time to carve out for yourself; you’re always rushing to the next errand. On vacation, you could stay up a little later or wake up a little earlier, (thank you, jetlag) and find a serene spot to journal your thoughts. For some self-reflection prompts, check this article out.

Fuel for motivation.

…Goodness begets greatness. And going on a trip is full of the good feels.

  • Some people are motivated by failure. To prove themselves better than their past, they will run and sweat until they come out on top. I am not that person. Failure has the opposite effect on me. For me, goodness begets greatness. And going on a trip is full of the good feels. Feeling more upbeat and positive can be used to motivate yourself further. Think of what your goals are and use the positive vibes to come up with a plan while self-reflecting. It’s so easy to fall into the comforts of a routine. You can use the inspiration around you while on vacation to motivate yourself forward.


  • Another good feeling that comes out of being on vacation is one of disconnection. You are able to immerse yourself in a different experience. However, with access to the internet, that’s not always the case. Everyone loves to share their good times on social media platforms, and in moderation there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it often feels like everything has to be hyped and presented perfectly. There’s a pressure to visit places and try things you don’t love just because it would look good on the “gram”. On vacation you’re not just away from the normal daily routine but also from the people you can normally connect with. When I go out with my friends, we make a unanimous decision to keep from posting in real-time. It saves me from checking my phone for likes and comments and worrying about a virtual interaction when I could be having a physical one. And there will always be time to post the pictures and boomerangs as #tbt.

How has traveling affected your mental-health? Do you agree with holding off of social media? Let us know!

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