33 Empowering Life Lessons I Learnt from 2017

Lessons from 2017

These are a few lessons I have learned in 2017 which have proved to be empowering:

    1. Communicating solves 90% of imaginary and possible problems.
    2. Give shot to little things which might seem to be scary; you never know where you will end up.
    3. Don’t doubt your decisions once you have made them.
    4. You owe being good to yourself first.
    5. Don’t make age a barrier for setting goals for career or education.
    6. Mediocrity is not worth settling for.
    7. Don’t let fear or people stand between you and something you are passionate about.
    8. A lot of solutions stand on the other side of asking. Ask the LORD first.
    9. Your life is yours, so don’t let people define it for you.
    10. Things you like to do might make the people around you uncomfortable; do it regardless.
    11. Don’t blame life. Take charge.
    12. People will keep dumping trash on you as long you keep taking it.
    13. Some people are more comfortable making problems as opposed to avoiding them or finding solutions.
    14. Putting your head and heart into the task at hand is a sure way to achieve success.
    15. Not everyone is worthy of your love and efforts. Don’t feel bad.
    16. Some people can’t just love or accept love and goodness. Don’t fret because it is about them and not you.
    17. Chances are high that a mother low on self-discipline teaches the same to kids.
    18. People with goals and dreams of their own are not comparable with those having none.
    19. Treasure the people who cries tears of joy when something good happens to you; they are rare.
    20. Giving up on your values doesn’t come under the heading of being flexible.
    21. If you are not pleased with yourself, you will find a hard time being pleased with anyone else.
    22. People have a right to have their opinions and possibly very strong reasons and history behind them. Never take it personal.
    23. Doing favors to some people back fires big time. Don’t hesitate to step back.
    24. There are people whom no one can help because they refuse to help themselves or accept the help.
    25. When feeling worried is what you do day in and day out, you will worry even if you are sliding down a rainbow. It becomes a part of who you are.
    26. Some tales of past and hurt are not to be withheld. Pour them out to the right person. It will cleanse you, validate your feelings and set you free.
    27. Make sure to stick to those people, who do not allow you to become anything less than who you really are. The people who bring the best out in you, who always have your back, who rekindle your passions, who make you want to live again, who give you faith and hope, and the people who give you the idea of light you never thought existed.
    28. Sometimes the good intentions can’t make up for the damage caused by your bad choices and attitudes.
    29. Don’t do favors if you are going to end up rubbing it in the persons face.
    30. Nobody is a mind reader. Learn to express your self well.
    31. To not accept the truth is your choice. There is nothing much anyone can do about it. Plus it doesn’t change the reality.
    32. Sometimes you get to the destination only to realize that it was not what you were looking for. Don’t stop. Keep going.
    33. There are no justifications for wronging a person. None at all.

Feel free to share your lessons from 2017. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. All of these points struck a chord, they are so true. Communication is key. Self respect and self love is key. A really nice read of things we really need to be reminded of regularly.

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