20 Lessons I’m bringing Into the New Year

lessons for new year

2017 was a whirlwind of a year. I attended three funerals as well as three weddings. Break-ups , make-ups and lots of drug-store make up! It was racked with uncertainty and also familiarity. There were many brand new experiences and thus multiple eye-opening lessons. I’ve jotted a few down below with an effort not to repeat ones from the last post.

  • The journey to self improvement is never ending.
  • Investing time and money in professional facials is something your skin will thank you for.
  • Drink lots of water. It is worth all the bathroom trips.
  • Organizing consecutive events can be draining. Don’t get caught up in things you can’t control.
  • Organizing a leisure trip can also be surprisingly frustrating.
  • Prepping from an early time may be annoying but you will thank yourself in the end.
  • When your close friends get married, your relationship with them will change. It’s only natural.
  • People deal with life events differently. Don’t expect them to mourn or celebrate the same way you do.
  • Wearing a well fitted outfit can be the best feeling.
  • Start a habit even if you know you’ll eventually quit. Allow yourself to not do it perfectly.

  • Fear kills motivation. Challenge the fear. Nourish the motivation.
  • Feeling guilty for feeling bad about something is like punching yourself in the face- twice.
  • Let go of heartbreak early. Otherwise it will haunt you long enough to be extremely embarrassing.
  • Throw out the clutter in your life. Worn out shoes? Old makeup? Primary school memorabilia? Let it go!   
  • De-clutter your negative feelings as well. No one needs to carry those around.
  • It’s okay to ask people for what they owe you. You are not being selfish.
  • Also, you don’t owe people explanations for things that do not concern them. Saying you don’t feel comfortable discussing something is a perfectly acceptable answer.
  • If you have a complaint, don’t bottle it in brine. Let it go or address it.
  • Don’t let your mood depend on the mood of others.  
  • Some wars never end. But you will find peacetime between the wars. Be grateful for them.

What did you learn from 2017 that you hope to bring into the new year? Let us know below! Or check out some more lessons we learned in this year here: Mid-Year Lessons Learned in 2017

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