Why Mental Health Matters?

We live in the 21st century. One would think that with development in almost all areas of human growth, acceptance of disorders relating to mental illnesses would be a norm. However, the reality is contradictory. Emotional health is one of the most trivialized problems in our world. The stigma attached with mental illness is so huge.

“You can overcome depression all on your own.”
“It’s all because you are away from God.”
“The psychologists only treat mental patients.”

These are unfortunately some of the most cliched responses to the mental health problems.

People who suffer from mental issues in our communities and experience difficulty controlling their emotions and feelings. as are labelled and misunderstood. We over look the seriousness of the problem even when mental illnesses are for real. Just like you take medicine for fever, you need therapy for depression. If you find yourself unable to make the simplest of decisions, have emotional highs and lows 24/7 or constant mood swings, chances are that you need professional help. Mental health issues are not always permanent they are curable to some extent if not completely. With the right kind of support, belief and help, you can actually fight it off

If you think you are suffering from mental health issues these steps might help you.


Admit It:

The first step towards any form of change is to admit to the problem. Admit that what you are going through is not within your hands and needs to be treated by experts. We are cultured in our communities to hide and bandage our problems and let them fester until they develop into serious diseases. Prevention is better than cure. It’s never too late.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now.
-Chinese proverb

Seek Counsel and Help:

There are plenty of institutions and clinics that can cater to the specific kind of mental illness you are facing. There is no shame in going to therapists or seeking advice. I recently met someone who had survived multiple suicide attempts and had an abusive childhood. This person happened to be so lively that it was unbelievable that she might have gone thorough something of this nature in the past. One thing she said, struck me “I knew I needed help. I sought it from experts and that’s what worked”.

Keep Yourself safe:

Mental health issues can have serious repercussions on your family and close ones as well in addition to negative effects on your personality and attitude. It might cause one to become angry and abusive towards their own family. It can also drive you towards a wrong decision regarding important things. You deserve a fulfilling great life and you have all the power in the world to get it. Don’t let anything get in your way.

Keep Yourself Engaged:

Seek help and then keep yourself busy. Involve yourself in a hobby of your choice. Be it calligraphy, blogging, photography, exercising or doing crochet. Go to a rehabilitation center. Meet people who have already gone through the same experience as you have and ask what they had done to make it work. How did they pull it all together?

Know deep down within your heart that as long as you are trying and fighting to help yourself, you will be okay.


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